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Geoff Phillips Publications

ABN: 54 593 034 067

Mathematics templates and rulers for students and teachers

Photo Gallery - many models made using "Stella4D"

Model making steps Model making steps Step 1 Assemble the required equipment. 120356209 Step 2 Draw shapes using your Maths-Pro Polyhedra stencil. 120356210 Step 3 Cut out, adding tabs as you go. 120356211 Step 4 Fold tabs upwards. 120356212 Step 5 Make enough shapes for the entire model. 120356213 Step 6 Apply glue to one tab at each join. 120356215 Step 7 Glue applied to one tab at each join. 120356216 Step 8 Align edges to be joined. 120356217 Step 9 Hold tabs together until firmly joined. 120356218 Step 10 Join faces so the arrangement of shapes is the same at every corner. 120356219 Step 11a A completed model. 120356220 120366727